I was so thrilled when I found out that Mike Mcarey holding a cake class. Mike Mcarey is award winning cake artist in Washington.  He owns a bakery called Mike’s Amazing Cake. He is also one of the competitors in food network challenge for several times.

One of my bucket lists is to make one crazy cake.  So I think it’s a good opportunity to make my dream came true. The concept is about defying gravity. So I come up with this idea, a waitress who’s holding trays and got tripped on the way.  I was imagining having a freeze button and stopping that scene. A scene when the food is flying up in the air, the hair is flying, one feet on the ground and one feet up, the body needs to be leaning forward as if you press the play button its not gonna be a good scene.

I want to make this character of voluptuous woman. She is pretty big girl with big personality. Full make up on, red hair, with big mole. My sister and me named her Rosy.After I submit my sketch to Mike, he made a little adjustment but overall he said that it’s possible to make this cake.

I felt like I was falling in love again when making this cake. I was thinking about it day and night. I really cannot wait to go to see and finish my cake from early in the morning.

At the end of the class I am so satisfied with the finished result. I really learned a lot from Mike. He can really captured my idea and turn it into real cake. Thank you for helping me making my dream cake come true and cross one of my bucket list. I hope I will make crazier cake after this!

“Wow! Natasha’s waitress looked great! She certainly was a clumsy girl, but Natasha sure isn’t, as she worked so hard to make it!”

-Mike Mcarey


Cake Sketch

Mike is explaining about my project


Me and Mike

Other Students Projects

My Clumsy Rosy


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We are so honored to have this awesome people as our clients.  They are all so down to earth and nice.  Mrs. Dewi Yahya ordered a birthday cake for her husband, Mr. Tantowi Yahya.  Tantowi Yahya is known as a famous MC and country music singer. So we decided to make him a cowboy themed birthday cake.

“Your cake for Tantowi Yahya was an instant hit. Even the men were raving about the chocolate cake.‎ There were lots of ohhh and ahhh around when I unfolded the cake. Thanks again for the generous cakes. Hope to meet you one day.”

Dewi Yahya




One of my client, Mrs.devi,  is a friend of Tika Panggabean. Tika Panggabean is like my childhood hero. I listened to all of her songs when I was in highschool. She’s such a talented singer and actress.  So when Mrs. Devi placed a last minute order for Tika Panggabean, I immediately said yes and tried to squeeze into my schedule.

“The first time I tasted a cake from cake et cetera was when my friend gave it to me on my birthday. The decoration on the cake was super cute and when I started to eat it I literally can’t stop. It’s super delicious. Overall cake et cetera offers a great taste with cute art! Love it!”

Tika Panggabean

Bara Tampubolon contacted me to order a birthday cake for his girlfriend, Nikita Willy. At first I didn’t know that they are stars, I know I’m such a nerd. I think everybody knows them except me. They are both rising stars in Indonesia and they have lots of fans.  Bara was planning a sweet surprise party to Nikita. They are really a perfect couple!

“The cake looks marvelous and it was all over the news. Thank you so much for the beautiful cake Natasha”

Bara Tampubolon




Thank you so much for trusting cake et cetera to be a part of your big day.  We are so honored to have you as our clients.


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It was 10.40 pm, I was so ready to go to sleep after a long day of making cakes. However, I opened up my laptop and I got a huge surprise! My cake was featured in www.peoplepets.com. It’s the new section from People Magazine. I was ecstatic, jumping around the house at midnight, and told my parents about the news!  I know I was kind of overreacting, but I’m just honored since the other vendor of  “doggie-cake–a–like” article was from: Debbie Does Cake, Confetti Cakes, Highland Bakery, Pink Cake Box, and they are ALL my idols! Some of you asked me, “How can this happen?” Well one of the editor from People Magazine stumbled upon my cake photos on Flickr and asked me if she can put it on her website. It’s really God’s favor. Thank you so much for each one of you who has given their supports and trust to cake et cetera. It really means a lot me. I hope I will have more room for improvement to give you more awesome cakes! Long live the cake!

Here’s the link:



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I got this order from my friend and the theme is: up to me! I can make whatever I want. Several ideas run through my head but I have decided to make a “crab pot” cake.  Crab pot is a famous restaurant in Seattle, and is the only place where you can eat like a barbarian. The server will throw a whole bucket of seafood into the table and there are NO PLATES! You will eat with your bare hands and throw the leftovers into a bucket under your table. It is a super fun experience!

Anyway, I’m very happy I can cross out one of my bucket list. Here is the rest of my cake bucket list:

  1. Sea turtle
  2. Octopus
  3. Biggest Ramen to break the world record #random
  4. Cake eaten by cockroach and mouse
  5. Pisa Tower
  6. Ugly Doll
  7. Minion from Despicable me
  8. Nightmare before Christmas
  9. Dr. Seuss cartoon
  10. Fish wall mount

So if your interested to one of these theme do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to make you one and cross out one of my bucket list!



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I have not been blogging for a while because I have been waiting for an interesting theme to come up. Thanks to my client, Mrs. Jeanne Arifin, I finally got an awesome theme. The theme of the cake is “suckling pig”. I am super excited to make this cake and therefore have decided to document the cake making process. I had much fun sculpting, coloring, and taking tons of photos of my piggy. All of the garnish were also made from sugar. My friend told me that the pig looked like it was smiling, as though it was saying “I’m glad my death bring happiness to people”.


“Thank you natasha for making such a beautiful cute cake! Never meet a cake artist as talented as you are. Everyone thinks the cake was a real suckling pig. Totally impressed all the family members! The chocolate cake was also super delicious, taste like yummy brownie, not too sweet and moist! I’m definitely a super satisfied customer. My son can’t wait for his birthday cake next month!”

Jeanne Arifin



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This big project is for my old high school friend, Angela T. The theme is spring cake. I’m so excited for this project, I want to make it fun, colorful, lively and cute. The idea is to include 2D cutouts around the cake, 4 centerpieces and macaroons all over the cake. The 112 cutout were hand painted one by one. Thank God everything went well.

Happy birthday Angela! thanks for being an awesome customer.

“She is detail, conceptual, and most definitely accommodating. This is where you can find quality product and quality service all in one. Thanks for the wonderful 3 tier cake centerpiece, Nat! It’s a masterpiece!”


Angela H Tanoesoedibjo


The Sketch


The cake

Featured on TV

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I received this last minute call from a client who wants me to recreate a Murakami painting by transforming it into a cake. Being in love with the theme, I decided to accept the order.  I’m satisfied with the result of the project and more importantly my clients like it too.

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I was thrilled when I received an email from  Karen Carlotta and a phone call from Adhika Maxi, two famous celebrity chefs from Indonesia, stating that they wanted to order a cupcake tower for their niece’s birthday. Chef Karen has won several pastry awards and Chef Maxi is the author of bachelor’s banquet. I could not believe that they actually placed an order from our humble kitchen. Making a cake for them is a great honor, thus everything must be both perfect and flawless. The theme they gave me is “Spring in Paris”. I decorated the cupcake tower with miniature macaroons, the Eiffel tower, dogs, and French breakfast. In total, the cake making process took up an amassing total of two weeks. Here is the photo of the cupcake tower. Thank you Karen and Maxi!

“Cake et cetera is the beginning of art on a cake, highly recommended for those who are artsy. Natasha you have a bright future in this business. Keep creating new stuff.”

– Karen Carlotta & Adhika Maxi

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Here’s my upcoming snoopy cake. I’ve been wanting to make this cake for a while and i’m so happy that finally someone wants to order this theme.  It reminds me of my childhood memory because my friends used to call me peanut.

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Here is my domo cake and a photo from my client

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